About Us

We endeavour to offer a prompt and efficient national service to commodity traders, food importers and distributors, farmers, grain traders and exporters. This covers both conventional and organic treatments. Previously part of Igrox before its series of name changes and takeovers we are a small and flexible team. Our goal is to provide a prompt and efficient quality service. We operate nationally from bases in Yorkshire and Suffolk.

A fumigation is carried out by adding a fumigant gas to an enclosed and sealed space or commodity with the objective of controlling and managing pests and preventing an infestation. Effective and accurate monitoring of gas concentrations is essential not only for the safety of the operators and people in the area of the fumigation but to also ensure that the correct exposure level of fumigant gas has been achieved.

We are the only UK members of IMFO (The International Maritime Fumigation Organisation) which enables us to provide an international port to port fumigation service for importers and exporters. It also provides an international forum to review and improve methods of operation.