Pest Gallery

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Booklice Psocid Flat Grain Beetle
(Cryptolestes ferrugineus)
Grain Weevil
(Sitophilus granarius)
Lesser Grain Borer
(Rhizopertha dominica)
Mite Acarus Family Red Flour Beetle
(Tribolium castaneum)
Rice Weevil
(Sitophilus oryzae)
Saw Toothed Grain Beetle
(O. surinamensis)
Dead insects following
store spraying
Weevils and
damaged barley
Moth infestation in
bulk maize shipment

The Girls From Abbaland look and sound fantastic! The show features all the memorable songs including - Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Super Trouper, Fernando, Mamma Mia and many, many more of those unforgettable hits from Abba.

With a voice that most Elvis stylists would die for, together with costume changes and every move that mimics the King makes you truly believe you are watching Elvis himself!

An amazing double act playing the great tunes by Lennon and McCartney. They have recently comeback from not The Cavern but sunny Corfu where they have been touring!

This is a new act. Boyzlife are a fantastic combination of Boyzone and Westlife.

The Blues Brothers live on, this incredible tribute will get your evening going in great style, Jake and Elwood sound amazing and look the part too! Performing all the movie tracks including 'Rawhide' 'Soulman'and 'Shake your Tail Feather' plus party hits.

Richard Carter appeared on 'Stars In Their Eyes' back in 1999 and since has gone on to entertain thousands with his remakable tribute to George Michael. His first class act contains everything from the early hits and follows George Michael's career up to date.

A tribute to all the fantastic songs in the film, including; time of my life, she's like the wind and hungry eyes. So put on your dancing shoes, find a hot blooded partner and unleash all those sexy moves!

The UK's leading tribute to a true Face. Greg Dorrell is perhaps the finest Rod Stewart tribute act in the country today. Others may look a little like Rod, some may even have some of the vocal qualities, but none have the same natural ability to sing in that inimitable style.

Gary Goodmaze as Freddie Mercury has appeared on numerous television shows, including the hugely successful 'Stars In Their Eyes'. You must see his incredible performance as The Queen Legend, the most enduring icon of Eighties British and world rock music.

Join Danny & Sandy on a trip back to 1959! A Great night of entertainment, with audience participation, top quality vocals and authentic costumes. An energetic show which comprises all the hit songs from the movie.

A fun energetic show, dedicated to the sheer brilliance of Robbie Williams. Executed with point blank accuracy by the uniquely talented Lee Pashley.

Sit back and prepare to be transported back to the 70's! The Groovy sounds of Saturday night fever style music, flares & afro wigs are the order of the day, get down and boogie with The Platforms performing party hits.

Shenton's portrayal as Stevie wonder is simply sensational, he has an infectious charismatic personality and incredible vocal ability. The show is also jam packed with classic Motown and soul hits.

Dirty Dancing and Salsa features music and dance from the classic film and a touch of salsa from Matt and Louise.

Take On Take That will Light your Fire. One of the liveliest and most popular acts.