Ship Fumigation and Venting

For many agricultural commodities such as grain and field beans the cargo requires fumigation to ensure that no insect pests are present upon arrival at the port of discharge. The fumigation is normally done after checking the gas tightness of the holds and loading has been completed. We are able to provide this service at all ports within the UK. Via our membership of IMFO we can arrange for the ship to be met at most ports on arrival at discharge port and the gas levels checked, and safely vented prior to discharge commencing. This enables us to provide a complete worldwide service from source to destination.

In addition we are able to provide this venting service for import commodities arriving at UK ports “under gas”. This service can also be provided offshore for shipments destined for ports elsewhere in Europe such as Rotterdam, Antwerp and Scandinavian ports. These can drop anchor off the UK coast for venting at sea prior to continuing their onward journey. This service then ensures that delays at port of discharge are kept to a minimum due to the gas sources having previously been removed and freight and demurrage costs kept to a minimum.

Insecticide Applications-We have also developed application equipment for the spraying of export and import grain cargoes during loading and unloading. This enables us to simultaneously spray multiple loading belts or elevators with insecticide to ensure that a thorough and even application to the cargo is achieved.